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July 10, 2002 - 5:00 pm

i had a job interview and testing appointment with a temp agency today. it went really well. i've never used excel before but somehow tested at an "intermediate" level. haha. tests are so phony. the woman who interviewed me was great and pleasant and even a bit cool. we talked about hair and vargas girls. i liked her. hopefully, i can get some temp work out of it.

when i came home i was ready for some pretty serious zine work. i've got to have my zine finished tonight and printed tommorrow. a tight deadline for the portland zine fair on friday. i got to work right away on my old computer cuz that's where all my zine stuff is stored. and just when i was finishing up with my last article, my mouse up and died. actually, it steadily lost power and sputtered around for a bit before it collapsed. i'm hoping that if i turn off the computer for an hour or so, it will heal itself nicely. or else i'm fucked. keep your fingers crossed. i'll keep you updated.

and to make a pretty good day better, if all goes as planned, the p.y.t. will be stopping by and staying over for fun and festivities. i miss his cute lil' face. yup, it's all good.

plus, i invented another yummy salad today. if all was right and just in this world, i should have my own show on the food network.

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