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July 09, 2002 - 11:34 pm

i feel fantastic. well, 1 pitcher each of lemon-y wheat ale will do that to a downtrodden girl. and a the best bike ride home. ah, bikes and beer. a great combination, just don't tell randy. kyla called me up earlier today cuz she knew i was feeling bad (i actually shed tears during our phone call) and invited me out for a bike ride and dinner and beers. we met at science world and rode our bikes uphill to the main. needless to say, the bike ride back down was more than amazing. it was the best thing i did all week (i know it's only tuesday, but it's been a long week). girl-talk, tears, laughter. life is good or can be sometimes.

i am swooning.

maybe it's the beer.

xo oh-sweet-pea

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