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July 03, 2002 - 1:55 pm

today i sent out a bunch of resumes to temp agencies. i better get something soon. see how quickly i lower my employment standards? it's like that with love too. ha!

i'm going to see 'dogtown and z-boys' again for the third time. if you haven't seen it yet, you must not care about hot-t boys in tube socks. why are you reading this thing?? hot-t boys in tube socks rule my world. that's what life is like being unemployed....i lust after young boys in tube socks while i go out for late breakfasts and masturbate in the afternoon. luxury.

today i met with cornelius for breakfast and then we rode our bikes into strathcona where i checked out his new digs. fuck. he has a great apartment. too bad about the roaches, his 'loud sex' neighbour who can see right into this apartment, and his proximity to crime. it makes me feel okay that he pays a hundred dollars less in rent than me for his own place. on the way home i stopped into uprising to buy me a peice of banana chocolate cake. i swear it's the best damn cake ever and i hate bananas. who'd thunk it?

thanks again to gingeryette for her lovely package that came in the mail today. i *heart* mail. and packages of fun stuff are even better. yum!

thanks to this lady for reminding me that people actually download cornelius' daily songs. here it is: maddaddy by pepe deluxe.

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