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July 02, 2002 - 11:30 am

long weekends don't really mean very much when your life goes by in one giant blur. not working makes everyday special! i am so blessed. well, except for the money part. if i could get work just by freelancing from my own apartment, i would be the happiest girl in the world. sigh. anyway, back to the events of my long weekend....you deserve much better.

saturday was just a bad blah kind of day. slept in too late and i barely left the house all day. that's the danger of too much beer and young boy fun, kids. kyla came by in the evening to watch 2 episodes of trading spaces and then she left to go out into the public realm. i opted to go to bed early. unfortunately, the impromptu world cup parade that passed by by apartment at 4am and lasted for the next five hours made sleeping next to impossible. oh those jubuilant brazilian fans....

sunday was spent screenprinting the cover of my next zine. i also managed to silkscreen a couple of shirts. it was a pretty fun time. i felt like i was a one-woman factory. i got pure pleasure from manual, rote tasks. i also got sweaty. good times all 'round. later that evening, was justin and veda's party. i drank lots of rum drinks and danced and manhandled the p.y.t. the dancing kept getting interupted by the hippy party-goers who decided to over run the stereo by playing all the songs from 'jesus christ superstar'. kyla, randy, kristen, p.y.t., and i were the only ones not impressed. i think also that we were the only ones not wearing sandals. as it turned out, the hippies were practicing for their jesus christ superstar canada parade that they were putting on the next morning. commercial drive sure loves it's wacky impromptu parades. when randy got control of the stereo once again, the good times continued. nothing like some northern soul to clear out the hippies.

and how did i celebrate canada day? by frantic shopping! there was an estate sale down the block and the owners were clearing everything out cheap, cheap, cheap. bags of the coolest retro digs were had for $5 a garbage bag or $2 a shopping bag. there were also lots of vintage toys, kitchenwares and bedding to be had dirt cheap. i spent $10 and had to haul my stuff back home in 2 trips. it was pretty fantastic. the sale is going on all week as they still have over 8 more rooms to clear out plus the basement! i'll be heading back later today for more shopping. kyla came by for dinner and a movie. she was feeling down and i'm sad to say that i couldn't help her feel better. the movie we watched was just too realistic and too close to our actual lives to make us feel any better about ourselves. grrrrr. down with french movies! and then when we decided to go out to watch the fireworks, when we got to a spot where we could actually see anything all we could see was smoke hanging in the air. the fireworks were over. bah. not very celebratory.

okay, time to stop being lazy and start applying for jobs. tally ho!

late breaking news:i realized that i forgot to add cornelius' daily song to this blog. here it goes. today's song is the majestic by clinic. yum.

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