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June 21, 2002 - 3:45 pm

the time on my diary has been fucked up ever since the time change took place back in april. is this only happening to me?

today there has been a steady stream of boys here. first i met with cornelius to work on the blinding light site. we got lots of work done and bickered a lot, but it was lots of fun especially cuz i always got my way. ha! then meesoo came over to let me borrow his Hi-8 camera. whooo! i'm ready to start making some films again. well at least a music video for the 'rockaction' night at the BL. then i met joshua at cafe roma for chit-chat and a limonata. i haven't seen joshua for a long while and it was good to bask on a patio and laugh with an old friend.

i had to leave my apartment cuz i was getting nervous everytime the phone would ring. today is the day i find out if i am getting that web job with the film co. as the clock ticks on, it's looking less likely. but my eightball seems to think positively. when i ask, "will i get the job at __ __.com?" it always replies "you can rely on it". well, at least it's something!!

update: today i asked if cornelius could throw an mp3 a day onto our server for me to download (cuz i don't have realplayer and find it hard to get good mp3's online + i gots no burner). he's agreed and totally into it. so everyday there will be a new mp3 of cornelius' choosing. today it is peanut butter wolf. download it here.

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