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June 20, 2002 - 8:59 pm

i am feeling so happy today. i did go for a bike ride and stopped in a park to read my book and lie in the sun. it was beautiful. and i did get to hang out and meet the p.y.t.'s friends and it wasn't as horrible as i thought it would be. me and three 22 year old boys. it was actually fun. we went to see some friend of the p.y.t's indie movie which played at a horrid downtown swank club. the movie and the crowd stunk. and beers cost $6.50! that's just plain wrong. but i was with my boy and just being together felt so good. i wish he could have stayed over and hung out for a bit, but he has a test tommorrow. soon, soon. i can't believe how happy i feel to be near him or hear his voice on the phone or looking into his face. it's so good to have these feelings again. i wouldn't trade this goodness in for all the world.

when i got home i headed over to kyla's to feed her cat and give him some lovin' since kyla is off in the praries visiting with her family. ah, i miss having a cat. well, except for all the cat hair. my pants are now throughly covered. i think for the rest of the evening, i may just go for a bike ride through the streets of my neighbourhood. i live in little italy and this is one huge soccer 'hood, so there is bound to be some excitement on the streets. just coming home i saw english flags everywhere -- which is strange for this neighborhood i guess, but everyone is in total world cup fever. just one block away is the portugese club, so i'll bet there will be tons of brazilians there rooting for their team. ah, i love living on the drive. a bike ride is definitely in order.

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