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June 20, 2002 - 10:57 am

today is beautiful!! it's sunny and hot out and i've already done so much and it's not even noon. i am a superwoman today. i woke up with an 8:30 am phone call from the p.y.t. and things only got better from there. i applied for several jobs and even dropped off a few resumes at temp agencies (cuz i needs da money). i then made myself a yummy breakfast of eggs, toast and feta cheese with hot, strong coffee. then i worked out with my ass tape (i refuse to say "buns", that is, unless it involves butter). i sweat a ton and then took a lovely shower. i am ready to conquer the world in my jean wrap skirt, brown gingham shirt and brown ben sherman shoes. rah!

i've got lots of errands to do today before i head out to a movie with the p.y.t. later tonight. but i think i will also ride my bike around the industrial waterfront and read my book in the park by cannery row. yes, that is exactly what i will do. i must take full advantage of these lazy days of summer before i find a job. tally ho!

song for right now: she sold me magic, lou christie (turned up real loud).

song for a little later: kitty can, bee gees (hey don't knock it till you've heard it).

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