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June 19, 2002 - 2:22 pm

my lovely day yesterday ended the best way possible with a long phone call from the p.y.t. i love talking with him so much. just hearing his voice, laughing and whispering makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. i am swooning.

the gush ends here. sorry about that.

today i met with stuart for lunch. we went to a japanese place for ramen and then we headed off to a new cupcake store on denman. i had the "diva": a chocolate cupcake with pink icing and chocolate sprinkles. so good. i will have to approach them to do a website. the aesthetics (as well as the cupcakes) totally match mine. everything in the store is all pink and brown and yummy. stuart's heading back to north carolina next week (cuz that's where he and his sweet southern accent live), but in august he'll be moving to tokyo for a few years. he promises that if i visit japan, i'll have a place to stay. oooh, i have to go! ah, shaggy-haired japanese boys are my total weakness. sigh.

alright, i've got to do laundry, clean up and head to the library. i've got a boy coming over tonight. wheeee!

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