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June 18, 2002 - 9:49 pm

met with meesoo and cornelius for breakfast at a greasy spoon down the street. glad to see meesoo back from his trip to ottawa and chicago. then cornelius and i got down to business with our site. well, sorta. i just was getting fed up and he left. i decided a bike ride was in order and i flew to catch a matinee showing of 'dogtown and z-boys'. wow. beautiful. beautiful. beautiful. skater boys in tube socks = hot-t. i loved every minute of it. when i left the theater i decided to tackle the uphill ride home like a champion...damn right! i was so fucking inspired by those z-boys that i made it not only my own personal battle but a bikeride tribute of sorts. i rode like a demon in high gear all the way home, flying up hills like a woman possessed. oh yeah. i came home red-faced, sweaty and proud. i immediately headed into the tub for a sweet smelling and well deserved bubble bath. then a buffy episode that i had missed and a dinner of homemade garlicy hummous and pita. i even painted a chair that i found in the alley on the weekend and finally got to see 'american idol'. heehee.

oh yes!

song that is playing right now in my stereo: foxy lady, jimi hendrix. oh yea.

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