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June 17, 2002 - 2:54 pm

so i totally kicked ass in my interview this morning. the job is for a multimedia developer/designer. keep your fingers crossed for me cuz i need the money. i'm sick of eating plain pasta and rice. the time has come for dark chocoate with my morning coffee, strawberries and cream for lunch and good red wine with steak dinners! and let's not forget about new red sneakers. i should hear (or not hear) about this job by friday. the gov't job that i applied for last week i still won't hear for another week or two.

it's raining and cold outside. but right now, i'm totally fine with that. i finished up some web work and i'm now thinking about painting some more furniture. i'm a girl with a mission: to make my apartment my home. i'm settling in for the long haul. yesterday i picked up a painting from my friend pam and it looks nothing short of stunning in my livingroom/bedroom (i live in a bachelorette suite, dontcha know). i also rearranged all of my other paintings and my apartment just keeps looking better and better. i just need to get ahold of some more paint: fushia, red and orange. don't knock it till you've tried it.

later i might even watch "when the cat's away", a french movie i borrowed from cornelius. mais oui!

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