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June 16, 2002 - 1:19 pm

check out the time. i just woke up and i never sleep in. i guess that's what hanging with the p.y.t. will get me. oh yum!! i did go to my friend dan's party but left after a couple of hours to meet up with the p.y.t. during his noise radio show. it was fun. i got to pick some un-noise stuff for him to play. oh, he is so cute. we then had to bus it to the suburbs where he lives so he could drive me home. it was a pretty funny moment. his parents asleep in the next room as he played me some of his favorite cds and gave me back rubs between kisses. how old am i?? aw, fuck it. i'm giddy and smit and it feels way too good. he then came back to my place where we hung out till he had to leave at 4 am. oh yummy. wheeeeee! i'm still giddy. i think i need some strong coffee to keep my feet on the ground.

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