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June 15, 2002 - 4:26 pm

last night was high fun and silliness. kyla and randy came over and we gorged ourselves full on chips n' dip, cheetos, and pizza while getting high watching "how high" and "zoolander". hahahaha!

earlier in the day i did in fact paint a large baby blue square on my other kitchen wall. it is a beautiful site to behold. maybe one day i'll post pictures here. this week i borrowed kristen's scanner and i've been having so much fun!! i need a scanner of my own. it will be one of my first purchases once i get a job (well, besides bras and shoes). speaking of jobs, i have another job interview on monday. it's with some independant film company. the job is for a 'multimedia producer'. yup, that's me alright! haha. regardless, after seeing my resume, they still called me for an interview. we'll see. keep your fingers crossed. i really want the gov't web admin job i interviewed for last week. i hope i find out soon if i have it.

today i've been a little martha stewart clone. i've cleaned and scrubbed all corners of my apartment (okay, martha never does the scrubbing), painted some furniture and ran errands at the hardware store. i'm a girl on the go! tonight is my friend dan's party. there are 2 themes: "touch of class" or "how the west was fun". i've got to find the perfect outfit in my closet. hmmmm. if only i had some sequins to sew into a rose that i could then sew onto a tshirt. alas, my sequin drawer is empty [note: i do not have a sequin drawer.] i also have an invite to visit the p.y.t. at his radio station while he does his show tonight. i'm kinda excited to go, but that would mean cutting dan's party short. so many decisions. what's a girl to do?

maybe this picture that i scanned in earlier today will solve my dilemma. or maybe not.

even girls like gerbils

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