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June 14, 2002 - 9:26 am

yesterday i went for a bike ride in the hot hot sun. i bought necessities at the drug store that added up to more money that i can't be spending. i went for gelato with kyla and kristen. i had a scoop of marzipan. yummy! if i could have splurged i would have gotten a second scoop of coffee chocolate chip. i talked to the p.y.t. long into the night. hooray! i even talked to the oliver platt boy. i painted a large green square on my kitchen wall from some lovely paint that i borrowed from kristen. the colour is like melted sherbert. i got my inspiration for the large green square from the second picture from the left. it looks so lovely and i can't take my eyes off it. i'm going to paint a large baby blue square on the opposite wall by my computer. i might even do that today. but maybe not. i have other important things to do.

really important things to do today:

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