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June 11, 2002 - 1:31 pm

life is hard when you are ambitious. hahaha. i'm laughing good over that one! if you knew me you would laugh too. i had this plan to start up a new diary. not one that would replace this one, cuz i just couldn't do that. but one that would serve a purpose. it would exist as its own entity with its own manifesto. so i created this world-changing diary and cuz i was already logged in as my ol' oh-sweet-pea self, any changes that i made to the new diary manifested itself into this one. oh boy, what an ass pain. so my older diary entries look like shit, my new entries will probably need tweeking and i had to play with code that i didn't have to deal with. anyway, on with a quick recap of my day.

i get up nice and early, do some ab work cuz i'm gay that way and i hop on my bike to meet cornelius. we get coffee from continental and then we cross the street to my favorite bakery, frattelli's. i buy an 'eccle' (i'm sure the spelling is wrong) and a 'naniamo bar'. this makes me happy. we ride back to my house and then we end up bikering like we usually do. i found out that cornelius likes charlie sheen. it's true. he thinks that charlie sheen is a good actor. i'm surprised by this, as i don't often think about 'charliesheentheactor' very often (except for the drugs and hookers).

when he left, i had some salad with the best dressing. it's a vidalia onion salad dressing called "southern sensations" from atlanta, georgia. i can vouch for the quote on the front of the bottle, "vidalia onions make any salad special". look for it at your gourmet food retailer and make your salad special. i ate my salad with a peice of toast from a local hippy bakery down the street from my house. the name of the bread? "the grainful bread". oh yes, life doesn't get any more special than this. if i forgo showers in favour of patchouli, shoot me.

last night, the p.y.t. called me up and we had another of our long, long telephone chats. if he gets his math homework done, we might go see a movie tonight. um, did i just say that? you did see yesterday's entry when my mental age was assessed at 15 by a very scientific survey? there you go. don't fight me on it. i told cornelius of my tested mental age and he said he couldn't dispute it. he even asked me in all seriousness if i had decided at a young age never to grow up. he told me that it was a compliment but i decided to fight with him anyway.

alright, i have errands to run, hair dye to buy and boys to kiss. get out of my way!

song for now: california (all the way), luna. and repeat.

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