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June 06, 2002 - 9:09 am

it's sunny and beautiful outside. i'm excited and i don't want to work inside at all. i want to go for a bike ride. i want to explore the city. i want to feel the wind on my skin. but i have to do some work. design a business card at least. do a bit of coding. fix up a design or two. look for a job. well, at least if i get one done, i'll be happy.

i made a yummy breakfast today for just me. the p.y.t. left early early for school, so it was nice to chill by myself so early in the morning. i made french toast with lots of cinnamon. lots of syrup over top and a hot good cup of coffee to go with. french toast is the shit.

yesterday cornelius and i got lots of work done. our site will be ready to launch tommorrow. it's kinda exciting! oh yes indeed. the p.y.t. came by later in the evening. it was much fun. we hung out and listened to godspeed, went out into the hood for pizza and watched 'gates of heaven' (the errol morris documentary about pet cemetaries). ah, this boy is sweet, sweet, sweet! [insert giddiness here].

okay. now i'm gonna enjoy the sun.

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