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June 04, 2002 - 11:00 pm

i've finally been working on my zine. it's been a long time. i don't think i've written anything since december and if you've been reading my diary since then, you know i've been through a lot. a lot! i consider this issue a break with my past. it deals a lot with the break up between me and ryan and it's just taking up space in my apartment and in my life. i don't think i even want to read the finished product. it's so far gone from my own reality. i'm excited that i'll be going to portland (finally!) for the zine fair in july. it will be good to meet with a zine community again as well as generally seeing a city that i feel a kinship with. it's exciting.

tommorrow the p.y.t. and i will be getting together for a date. it will be pretty nice, i'm sure. i'm trying to keep a perspective on things and not get carried away with my feelings. but, hell, i'm excited!

now, time for bed. early tonight as i have to meet with cornelius tommorrow at nine a.m. yikes!

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