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May 28, 2002 - 4:17 pm

he met me at my place yesterday. he looked his age: 22. we went out onto the drive, bought beer, ate indian food, rented a french movie. the movie was unwatchable. we put in a collection of short films by charles and ray eames. much better. three beers each. back rubs. flirting. necking. tentative. it's feeling good. great, even. his body is perfect and i usually don't care for that sort of thing. but its perfect. 22 year old perfect. PERFECT. we don't have sex. he stays the night. hugs. it's morning. there are more kisses. more exploration. we shower. eat 99 cent pizza. it's two o'clock the next day before he leaves for home. it's daylight and he looks 15.

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