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May 26, 2002 - 12:12 pm

it's a pretty great day considering i haven't had my morning coffee or my yohgurt and berries yet. i feel good in the same way james brown says it. yeah. i have a lot to do today. and not just the fun stuff. my apartment must get clean cos i'm having company tonight -- yes, a boy. i also have to do some research on quotes for sites cos i've hopefully got some contract work lined up (an international modelling agency -- obviously a small international modelling agency wants me to design their site). i really, really hope that it pans out.

friday night me and my pals all headed down to the waldorf to check out the radio and dance up a storm. after the radio played, we checked out the "polynesian room" and danced to loads of nothern soul. it was fun. kyla and i (and the boys) were looking very stylie in our dress up wear. kyla even wore heels!! we drank lots and kept on dancing. it was a lot of fun. i hadn't been out to a club to partake in public dancing in a long, long while and it was worth every over priced beer i paid.

last night was patsy's birthday. i got patsy some "sex stick" -- mac lipglass in "lust". kyla and i got to meet her family and it was pretty interesting since we had heard so much about them. after dinner, i headed home to sleep (which sadly, didn't happen) before patsy's party. i wasn't in the mood to stay out late, drink or anything. but at midnight, we all took e and everything felt instantly better. actually, i only took half a pill and gave the other half to kristen. i didn't want to be too out of things as i had the urge to be responsible. ha! it was nice. we danced a bit but mostly just sat on the floor and listened to the music. smiling lots. i actually didn't get high but it was fun and happy times regardless. randy and i walked home at four a.m. listening to the birds and watching the moon hide behind the clouds. it was pretty nice. randy gives the best hugs ever.

there is actually a lot going on (or maybe there isn't......that's part of the confusion), but right now i feel comfortable only giving replays of days events. soon i will sort out my feelings.

maybe after my morning coffee.

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