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May 23, 2002 - 3:50 pm

i'm pretty giddy right now. 22 year old boys can do that to a girl. yup. so it doesn't really matter that i am 10 years older than he is. nope. he is a mathematics and philosophy genius and it scares me in just the right amount. and no, he is not a crush or a love. he is my new-found friend. and it's great! hells yeah.

today i've been working on designs for our business site. they are looking rather fantastic. i'm pretty impressed with myself! cornelius is coming by tonight and hopefully they will be up and running soon. we already have one client and we're looking for more. i haven't looked for jobs today nor have i even applied for one. but i did print out a grant application -- and that can lead to a bit of money for sure! well, i can hope.

i've just run out of steam. i need a treat...something sweet. more updates later. i've got some snacking to do!

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