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May 14, 2002 - 5:36 pm

working for yourself can get pretty busy sometimes. it's already late in the afternoon and i haven't even stepped outside yet. and it's sunny to boot!! but i'm okay with that. cornelius and i got lots of flash work done on the popawheelie site. it'll be looking pretty stylie pretty soon. i've taken to getting up 'early' again (i put early in quotes cos early for an unemployed girl like me is 9am). it's feeling pretty good. i apply for a job or two then cornelius shows up here at 10 am, we make breakfast and we get to work. life is good right now. i just need some incoming cash to make me feel like the girl i want to be again. living off savings can be pretty tough and i'm afraid i'm spending too much money drinking and going out. i should really be sticking to a budget. well, it's certainly a good idea!

now time for outside and some fresh air! wheeeeee!!!

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