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May 12, 2002 - 3:29 pm

its nearing the end of another weekend for me. but really, when you are unemployed, weekends are really meaningless....other than the fact that now you have more people to waste your day with. i can live with that. it's sunny and HOT. i've gone for a bike ride, called my mom for mother's day, met cornelius for coffee and went grocery shopping. not bad for a girl with a body that just screams "get to bed, hangover girl!".

here's a weekend review. friday was great. sunny and productive. friday evening kyla and cornelius came over to eat pizza and watch "mikey and nickey". it was relaxing. saturday was all about nature with a capital N-A-T-U-R-E. randy had access to a car, so he picked me and kyla up and we drove to north van for breakfast at the tomahawk, a fantastic rustic diner that hasn't been touched in 50 years. a definite treat. we ate burgers for breakfast. yum. we then drove out to golden ears provincial park for some hiking. it was great smelling the fresh air and getting some well needed exercize. our hike was a relatively short one, but we ended up by a huge waterfall that sprayed us with misty cold water. we even dipped our toes into the icy cold river and then warmed ourselves on a rocky beach. it was beautiful.

once we got home, we had about an hour to nap/shower before we headed downtown on our bikes to the sugar refinery. it was a good show. we ended up drinking too much beer and ate yummy garlic perogies. justin, generous compliment giver, told kyla and i that we looked simply stunning. ah, sweet boy! the oliver platt boy showed up around 1am. we chatted for a bit and he kept giving me kisses and telling me that he loved me while stating that he can't be friends with me and we can no longer hang out with each other. sigh. not again! i thought he was better!!! yeesh. it was pretty frustrating. i called him when i got home and he was drunker still and again told me that he was bad for me and could no longer see me. he even called back a couple times more, but i was sleepy and can't remember what our exchange was like. whatever. he is pretty messed up but i do like his company. i'm tired of playing by his terms.

let the new week begin. i have high hopes.

song for right now: heavy metal drummer, wilco [oh yes, this song really does sound like pavement. never a bad thing.]
needed purchase: a new bra or two. why are they so fucking expensive??
addendum: the oliver platt boy just called to appologize for his behaviour from last night.
tonight's dinner? a baguette sandwich with tomatoes, olives, feta. oh la la.

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