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May 09, 2002 - 9:59 am

when i came home on tuesday night, i was sad and crying. my bike had been stolen. i told the oliver platt boy about my misfortune and my tears were flowing as i recounted the tale. he said he was busy and would call me back. one hour later at 11:30 pm, he showed up at my door with a bike and a bottle of wine! the bike is a loaner but it is beautiful....a ladies lime green cruiser style bike from the '70's or earlier. it was pretty exciting. we drank the wine, went to check out his new apartment and snuggled as we watched movies. it was a lovely, lovely birthday moment. i came home at 4am drunk and ready to sleep.

the next day, my actual birthday, i called pawn shops and was put on hold with the police. i wanted to make a report about my stolen bike. the first time i called i was on hold for 20 minutes and then got disconnected. the next time i called, i was put on hold for 45 minutes only to have the batteries of my phone die. needless to say, i didn't report the crime. i will never find my bike.

later in the evening, all my friends met at a favorite sushi restaurant to celebrate my birthday. we got the upstairs party room all to ourselves. it was loads of fun! lots of beer and lots of sushi, tempura and japanese pizza. yum!!!! the greatest surprise of all was that all my friends pitched in and collected close to $200 -- money for a new bike!! i was shocked. it was the nicest present ever!! my friends are so good to me! we later headed over to our neighbourhood bar to drink more beer. kyla had made me a pavlova covered with fresh strawberries, mangos and kiwi for my birthday cake. it was basically heaven on a plate! soooooo good!!! i blew out all the candles and hopefully my wish was granted.

what a fantastic birthday. what fantastic friends i have! the oliver platt boy, kyla, randy, patsy, kristen, meesoo, dan, pam, ryan, cornelius: i love you all!!

other gifts (which i will name here cos i love getting gifts!) i received: a ticket to see the hives with mooney suzuki (ya!), a big eyed girl painting, a 1930's yellowstone national park cookie cook book (beautiful with a wooden engraved cover), a 1960's purple glass candy dish, a bag full of lush products, a crazy-ass mug, a 1960's beautiful chip bowl, a 1950's undescribable piece of ephemera (all i can say is "cute!"), the new wilco album, and apparently there are other secret gifts coming. yay! did i mention i will buy a bike? hooray!


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