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May 06, 2002 - 12:27 pm

when you are a creature of habit and routine it can be difficult to motivate yourself. charts and lists must be made. self-imposed deadlines are created. it's the only way i can manage.


okay so my list is not long nor is it mindblowingly complex. it's simple tasks laid out all nice and easy. it says: 'i can do this'. i've already had an early start to my day. i had breakfast with kristen and i've already done some animation work in flash. i've installed a wacom tablet (thanks cornelius!) and i'm raring to go. later this week, the scariest task will have to take place: partition my hard drive. i'm not very tech oriented and this is a very daunting procedure. i will have to back up my entire hard drive, delete it and reboot my computer from scratch -- just so that i can start doing video on my computer. i'm scared. if anyone has ever done this on a mac, please send me tips and give me reassurance. ack!!

let the tasks begin!

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