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May 05, 2002 - 3:41 pm

i can just sit here and eat my yummy blueberry cinnamon bun from the uprising bakery and drink my coffee and be content about the fact that i am having a very pleasant valley sunday. but i can't. it's not very pleasant out. in fact, it is cold, overcast and windy. sure, it's sunday, and i should be relaxing and enjoying the sweetness of my treats, but instead i'm wondering how come i can't seem to get started on my flash animation. or cleaning my house. or making myself a nutrious dinner.

yesterday i was quite content to watch "you can count on me" in the middle of the afternoon drinking cup after cup of coffee, wrapped up in blankets. but that was yesterday. i was hungover and feeling all warm and fuzzy coziness. the oliver platt boy called. i took a sweet smelling lavender bath while listening to elliott smith.

kyla and i rode our bikes to the emily carr grad show in the misty rain and had a lovely time. where did all those cute art boys come from? it was like being in another country. cute boys don't exist like that here in vancouver. it just doesn't happen. we then rode our bikes into lovely strathcona and attended the party of my old teacher. it was a strange event. very grownup and neither kyla nor i were feeling very sociable despite the red wine we drank. we chatted mostly to the host's 10 year old son. i think we had the most in common with him. definitely.

at midnight we left and headed back towards home, but the bells from a russian orthodox church beconed us. we watched in awe and silence as a large group of church goers sang and encircled their church in a somber procession. the air smelled of incense (the exact kind i remember from going to catholic church as a kid). it was beautiful and magical. we rode our bikes back home and i was back in my blankets by 12:30am. i felt good.

the day isn't over yet. i will do something productive. i will go for another bike ride or work on my animations or create a yummy dinner. something is going to happen.

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