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May 04, 2002 - 1:13 pm

i wonder how many entries in diaryland started off with "i was so drunk last night". probably more than a few. and count me in!

last night, kyla and i went to see patsy sing at the sugar refinery. when we got there i saw the oliver platt boy who i had not seen in over a month. it was good, very good, to see him again. there were lots of hugs, handholding and sneaky kisses in the bathroom. i hope to see him more. i don't know. things are still weird and definitely unresolved, but i hope that last night went well enough that he wants to see me again.

tonight there will be more drinking (i will assume) as kyla and i will head to the local art college grad show and then to my old teacher's party in strathcona. it will be a good evening. i hope.

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