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April 30, 2002 - 2:57 p.m.

i'm feeling a bit guilty and giddy at the same time. i should be outside now enjoying the sunshine and the cherry blossoms and the warm breeze against my legs. but's it's okay. i was just outside wearing my pretty spring red/yellow/white dress and red sneakers. i roamed around with kristen and bought edamame at the japanese market, coconut chocolate chip gelato at la casa gelato (198 flavours!), and ending up at the gourmet warehouse for some serious browsing.

even earlier, i met with my old graphics teacher (who quit vfs) for a morning coffee. he criticisized my portfolio site (ie. it looks like a draft. get a new one!). but he also had some good things to say too. and i have a lot of work cut out for me. but i'm excited about it. it was good to hear actual criticisms about my work. most of my teachers at school were always impressed with my stuff but didn't really know what to say about it, except that i had a "unique" and "individual" style. it was good to get some real feedback today. plus, he invited me to a party on saturday night at his swank strathcona turn of the century home. oh la la. it will be much fun and an opportunity to meet new people.

so i have lots of work to do on my portfolio and lots of ideas. cornelius and i also have lots to do for our buisness site and magazine. i'm so very excited! this will be the summer of me. i'm fully prepared to be selfish. i'm prepared to spread my wings and start growing up. i've lived too long as an adolescent. i'm going to be 32 years old next wednesday and i still feel like a kid. not that it is a bad thing, mind you. i love that everyone who sees me thinks that i'm only 23. i like my life but i need to be a part of it more. i've got to stop drifting along with the current. i've got be an active player in my life. it's an exciting prospect. finally.

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