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April 26, 2002 - 5:36 p.m.

second entry today. wow. not much is going on with my life. sigh.

ryan and sara broke up. it's so funny cos it had been something i had been dying to hear and something i thought would have happened ages ago. but now, whatever. i don't really care. it doesn't affect me like i thought it might have. already a few people have asked me "do you think about getting back together with him?" ack! no way! no way in hell!! a pretty different response from when i first started this diary in october. i've come a long way, baby! i can only think of ryan as a friend and really, not even too much of that, since we don't hardly speak anymore. i feel good that i don't have any feelings about him anymore. in fact, he changed my life. for the better, even! i've accomplished so much and grown so much as a person since our breakup. feeling so low and broken and pulling myself together has made me a stronger person. hooray!

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