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April 13, 2002 - 9:31 a.m.

my portfolio presentation was (if i may be so bold) a success. i covered everything i wanted to within my 20 minute time frame, got a good response from the panel of instructors, and was pretty excited about the whole process. afterwards, at 10:30 am, fumi, jamie and i proceeded to the nearest bar to drink our tired little faces off. by 2pm, we were all blurry-eyed and obnoxious so we headed back to our respective homes to nap. i woke up 4 hours later and headed out with kyla, randy and patsy to continue the drinking process. we went out for sushi and beers and had a wonderful time. kyla had given me a beautiful bunch of pink flowers so i felt like "miss drunk new media queen" all evening. all i needed to complete the look was a sateen sash and a heart-felt speech.

my first project of the day will be to clean my apartment. it is a scary little place of hell and filth. dishes, dirty laundry, garbage bags and piles of mixed tapes scatter my lil' bachelorette suite. it is not a suitable place for a girl to be entertaining suitors (well, that is, if suitors were readily available and it is all too apparent that they are not). clean, clean, clean. that is my motto.

as a side note: i was checking up one of my favorite new diary discoveries only to find out that he has included me on his favorite diary list as "oh-sweat-pea"!! heehee.

music for today -- all day: the velvet underground

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