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April 08, 2002 - 11:06 p.m.

today i did lots of exciting things. can you spot them?

#1. showered and cleaned with dove soap.

#2. drank 2 cups of coffee. ate 2 peices of toast.

#3. left a message with the oliver platt boy (who, by the way, i haven't seen in over a week cos he is putting limits on his time spent with me.)

#4. tried to compress images in photoshop, loaded them up to my website, took them down cos they looked like shite, recompressed them, cursed the browser cashe memory, and crashed my g4.

#5. tried on 3 pairs of jeans and 4 different shirts before i left for school.

#6. listened to "common" on my walkman while riding the bus. bus fare now $2.

#7. furiously edited my documentary on mixed tapes.

#8. kyla came by to give me feedback and shared some of her carrot sticks. we talked about our unhappy, loveless lives.

#9. ate my apple.

#10. engaged in small talk with classmates.

#11. more final cut pro editing.

#12. left school at 8:30pm. an early night for once.

#13. talked on the phone to the oliver platt boy. not the best conversation ever.

#14. fixed my website image problems from this morning.

#15. surfed diaryland. spent too much time reading other diaries. especially this one.

#15. wrote an entry of my own.

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