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April 03, 2002 - 8:32 a.m.

only a week and a half before i present my portfolio! i've got so much work to do and i'm pretty excited about it all. i graduate in less than three weeks and then i'm going to be on a massive job search. i'm really quite frightened. i don't want to go back to working in an office. i want my dream job -- or as close to dream as i can get. yup, call it looking for a let down. just a little coding, a little design and i'll be happy. i'm even considering moving to toronto. there. i've said it out loud (if this diary counts for loud -- and certainly there are times when it does). it's been in my head for about a year now and it's rearing louder and louder. but i love my little neighbourhood and all my friends and really, aren't i already too old to up and move across the country (again)?? we'll see how things turn out.

in three weeks my life will be all mine again. i will send my zines out like i've promised for years. there will be packages heading out to girllogic (especially), jasminegurl (oh yes!), and to everyone else who requested a copy. i could apologize for being so late with requests, but really, i've never been so busy with my life. ever. oh, to be myself again. i can't wait!!

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