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March 29, 2002 - 8:23 a.m.

i've had four hours sleep and i just can't sleep no more. i'd love too. i'd love to feel the warm blankets encapsulating my sleeping form, but stress broke that lovely ritual for me. sigh. on the good side of life, i'm getting lots done. and i'm just stressed out meaning that i'm not getting any panic attacks (and believe me, that is a very good thing). i was at school until 2 am yesterday, went to bed at 3:30 am and woke up at 7:30 am. yikes! at least, the class grad website is finished, and my own portfolio site is so close to being done. all i will have left to do is edit my two movies in two weeks. hahaha. let the fun begin!

it's a four day weekend for most people and i will be lucky if i take off an evening on sunday to eat easter dinner with my friends. actually, i definitely will take off sunday night as i need to clean my apartment and that will give me the push i need. i also need to buy some groceries and start cooking for myself again. i can't just live on apples, oatmeal and rice. ah, but what's a poor girl to do?

i really am looking forward to this weekend. i will accomplish much and squeeze in a bit of fun too. today i will work like a daemon and tonight i will go out with patsy and randy (sans kyla, as she is taking a small vacation) and drink just a little. saturday i will spend at school editing (or so goes my plan) and sunday i will work at home, taking breaks to clean and cook. and then feast. yes, that will be the most important thing! i think i will even buy myself a small bag of cadbury's mini eggs *yum* and eat them for breakfast. afterall, it wouldn't be easter without chocolate eggs. last easter, ryan worked nights and before he came home, i hid easter eggs under his pillow, under the blankets and all over our apartment. sigh. i loved doing stuff like that for the boy i loved. hmph. love. i'd like some of that under my pillow this year. hahahaha. sigh. that joke isn't funny anymore.

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