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March 25, 2002 - 8:30 a.m.

on friday randy made me a mixed tape from songs found on "the grace of my heart" soundtrack and songs that had inspired the movie. it's pretty great. it's funny that some of my favorite songs were the 'denise waverly' ones (the pseudo carol king ones). hooray for new music!! i am incredibly broke. i have no cash for music. within the past 12 months i have only bought two cds and five records. it's pretty unheard of. so randy's tapes are my saving grace. [i am speaking of my lack of cash in terms of music as it is much easier to deal with in those terms. i'm frightened that i will not have enought to last me for the last month of school and the waiting period before i find a job. i am scared shitless.]

yesterday i had planned to work my ass off. i had the whole day to myself. it was gonna work. and things started out okay. i was at my computer by 9 am and stayed put until 1:00 pm. kyla came by at 2pm to watch nigella bites and the naked chef and we ate lots of yummy goodies and had good chats. then in the search for more guilt tv, we watched some pre-oscar shows and eventually, the whole damn thing. kyla left and i turned off the tv just before the best movie and best director were called cos we didn't want to be disappointed again by some mediocre hollywood crap movie winning. and of course it did. it was pretty sweet to see owen wilson though. he is a sweet sweet god. i scrambled to get more work done afterwards but i was in bed by two am. so here i am, at my computer and ready to work. or at least ready to work real soon.

tonight i will see "in the bedroom" with cornelius. i'm very excited. i'm sure i will end up in tears (due to the movie and not the company). i need a good movie cry.

song right now: the whole of the law, the only ones.

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