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March 23, 2002 - 9:34 p.m.

life is pretty fucked up. i just got a call from cornelius who called to say that he read my diary. he found it cos a few entries ago, i linked to the young and sexy site he runs. oops! he sounded very ashamed of his behaviour and said he only read a few pages. i forgave him. why am i the only person who seems to have her diary violated so often?? it's hard to be a woman of mystery when things like this keep happening. thankfully, nothing in here is of the super-personal variety. i just feel a bit more exposed. i really like cornelius...and (if it makes sense) i like him more that he confessed. he told me that i could now ask him any personal question about him that i wanted. hmmm. maybe i'll take him up on it. i am wondering if he asked me out because of my diary? i don't know. i'm going to see a movie with him on monday so i will definitely ask him then. and i'm sure i can come up with even more questions.

anyway, now for an update on the weekend events. friday night we all gathered at kyla's before we headed out to the drunkfest known as the sugar refinery. it was fun. randy was feeling quite melancholy over kyla and it sort of put a strange feel to the evening. kyla was a bit frazzled by his unwanted attentions and some boy in complete 1980's exercise gear was flirting hard with patsy. kyla and i broke into refrains of "let's get physical" often. the oliver platt boy was there too. it was nice to see him. i got home around four am, drunk and tired. i slept for a few hours and then headed to class. tonight, i am seeing the oliver platt boy for a little date. hooray!

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