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March 14, 2002 - 8:08 a.m.

yes, this past week has been a bit of a downer. but yesterday things lifted. a bit. in the morning things felt unmotivated and a repeat of the previous days feelings, but i shouted "fuck it" out loud and headed out to school early. i was determined to make things work out. and things did. i finished a small flash page for my portfolio site and attended a class meeting, for which i am in charge of putting together our grad class website. i felt very productive.

i went home, ate dinner and then met kyla for a beer. we then met up with our friend cornelius for a screening of an experimental film at the cinematheque. it was unlike anything i had experienced before. the filmmaker, peter kubelka, was in attendance and he was a 60-ish year old austrian man who was filled with passion and energy. he was a joy to listen to. we watched three of his films which in length totalled under 10 minutes, but we were entralled for three hours. he spoke about film and time and passion and romance. he wanted the audience to experience one second of film time, so he let the audience unroll his film and hold it in our hands. it was magical. it was what i needed. if i could only have one small inkling of the passion that he experiences, i would be a happy, happy girl.

after the screening, we headed to the side bar for a beer. it was nice to get to know cornelius a bit more. kyla knows him more than i do, but i have met him previously in only small doses. it was funny, because yesterday he called me and asked me if i wanted to go to the film. it felt nice because it was so unexpected. he is very sweet and very intelligent and i would like to know him better. meeting new people is nice. meeting a new boy is even nicer.

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