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March 04, 2002 - 11:12 p.m.

time to play catch up. i can barely keep up. ha! saturday night was the young and sexy cd release party. tensions were high amongst the ex's of the band but everything worked out in the end. lots of fun was had by all. have i mentioned how great young and sexy are? it's true! ryan was at the show and it was the first time i had seen him in ages and he looked pretty cute cos he had grown a beard in the meantime (he did always look cute in one)...but no love lost, certainly! the oliver platt boy also showed up and lavished me with his affections. kyla was happyhappyhappy and it made me feel extra good and we all danced and twirled around madly. randy was sweeter than ever and whispered lovely things in my ear. dan said he hadn't seen me so happy! yes, things were funfunfun!!!

sunday was back to work day. i got a lot accomplished. my print package has now been designed and i just have to work on my resume for tommorrow. i will also storyboard my portfolio website tommorrow and hopefully get started on that asap. phew!! tommorrow is also the oliver platt boy's birthday and i will make him a cake. he needs a cake. he is sad. i can't help him, but a cake can make a boy feel good. i'm sure of that! oh, i almost forgot. last night kyla, dan, pam, patsy and i got together to watch more first/second season buffy. it was much fun. i made a yummy cheese ball from the martha stewart website that tasted crazy ass good with granny smith apples (really!). kyla made a yummy pizza and dan made a delicious hummous. buffy and food. how great is that???

anyway, i'm just procrastinating now. back to work i go. super-dooper thanks go out to amy who has taken me up on the walkman trade. hooray!!!! randy's tapes live!

song for now: let's have a party, wanda jackson.

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