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March 02, 2002 - 9:15 a.m.

when i'm super busy my apartment goes to shit. the dishes (for some reason i can't explain) are under control, but the rest is a frightening mess! dust bunnies, mildew, clothes, papers, zip discs and cdr's everywhere. organization is something i am unfamiliar with. papers just get piled into a corner until i foget all about them and their purpose. yikes.

on friday i took a trip to my po box and i found a package from merge records. inside was the new east river pipe (i didn't know they were still around!) and imperial teen cds. i was seriously hoping for the new lambchop cd, but i guess i'll have to wait a bit more for that one. us beggers can't be choosers anyway. ah, free cds makes girls like me very happy. in fact, they are my only way to new music. since i've started school in june, i have only bought two (2) cds!!!!!! being a poor student doesn't offer me luxuries like new music and new clothes very often. so free cds from doing my zine and randy's mixed tapes are the only things that keep me going.

speaking of randy's mixed tapes (or as i like to call them, my lifeline).....my walkman busted. yes, a walkman. i'm not a discman kinda girl. a couple of weeks ago i spilled cranberry juice in my knapsack and i killed one walkman, but i had a backup so all was well. but on friday, my backup just died. ack. what am i going to do? forty bucks isn't that much to spend normally, but for me, it's a small fortune. cripes! if anyone wants to donate their old walkman to little ol' me, let me know!! we can work out a trade or something.

song: you got me, the roots

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