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March 01, 2002 - 10:20 a.m.

stress can certainly take a lot out of a girl. yesterday i came home from school and turned on my computer. my jaw was aching from the pain of all the stress yet i somehow could not stay away. i had to get out of the house. i called up kristen and we met up for dinner. it was good. i could feel the tension in my jaw instantly loosen up. when i came back home, i called up kyla and asked if she wanted to go for a walk and drink beers with me. she did. the moon was glorious again last night and the stars were amazingly clear and bright. we walked about the hidden neighbourhoods around our houses and talked and drank our warm beers. it was needed and good.

when i got home i talked with the oliver platt boy over the phone. he was also feeling stressed and sad. i went right over to administer well-needed hugs. we had some amazing conversations and he helped me add a bit of focus to my portfolio work. my fear is that i can do bits of everything but i can't do one thing really well. oliver platt boy thinks that i should focus on my video work and then apply to ad agencies when i am out of school. i had never even thought about that before. when kristen saw my last video and ae project, she felt that it was very marketable in terms of commercials and ads. it is something to think about. it's hard to be so unfocused and studying the vaguest of the vague "new media" hasn't really helped. ack. life is hard!

song for right now: you got me, the roots

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