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February 24, 2002 - 11:37 a.m.

today is a beautiful sunny day. i am beaming ear to ear! hooray!! this morning i made the kind of breakfast you make with someone special -- and today, that someone special was lil' ol' me. yup. coffee, bacon (turkey) and pancakes made from scratch. dr. octagon played loud from my speakers and i ate every last crumb as the sun reflected little light pools on my syrupy-sticky white plate. today just keeps getting better and better!

good things:

    • the loverly good people leaving me nice notes and guestbook messages! you all make me smile!
      sunny sundays and hearty breakfasts for one.
      my friends.
      oliver platt boy.
      hugs and kisses and late night phone calls.
      getting shit done and done well.
      my bed.
  • (now i'm sure y'all think i'm on some good shit or in love or something, but no way. i'm all good. it's true!)

    song for today's geeklovefest: eye know, de la soul

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