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February 23, 2002 - 2:02 p.m.

what do you expect a girl to do on her day off? create web pages of course! ack! i can't stop designing and coding. it's true. yesterday afternoon i thought i'd finish up my zine but realized that my old pc mouse was dead and i don't have another. so i did what any modern girl would do -- create a zine site. it's not fully functional yet, but soon it will be up and out! stay tuned for more details.

last night we all went bowling. it was much fun. luckily, a bowling alley exists right in our neighbourhood, so walking in the pouring rain wasn't too much of a problem. after two games of canadian-style bowling we headed off to the pub to drink away the rest of the evening. it was a nice little night. i was in bed by 1:45 am so i was pretty happy with myself for my "early" night.

today, more coding. lots of testing. a healthy stir fry for lunch. and later tonight, a hot date with the oliver platt boy. life is pretty sweet.

songs for today: a whole lotta primal scream courtesy of randy's mix tape making skills.

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