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February 17, 2002 - 9:04 a.m.

i have been so busy with school and drinking that i've been neglecting the important things in life. sigh.

school has been extra busy this week. fourteen hour days spent between the premiere lab and the macromedia lab have made school extra friendly lately. friday was a short school day for me. only seven hours. kyla came by at five pm to give suggestions and check out my movie. her comments were the exact ones i was thinking and she actually did like the movie. hooray! it made me like it a little bit too. we decided to walk home and stopped in china town to buy some very pretty paper lanterns and then bought a gelato at the best gelato place in the world: la casa gelato. kyla was feeling adventurous and ordered a double scoop of pumpkin for the bottom and nutmeg for the top. it was a great combo and what beautiful colours! i just ordered a single scoop of francoangelico hazelnut with chocolate shavings. yum.

my food intake on friday made me a bit crazy for the night's events. breakfast was 2 peices of cinnamon toast (the kind i had when i was a kid: toast + lots of margarine + sugar + cinnamon), lunch was a donut given to me by jamie and dinner was the ice cream. when i got home i put on the nuggets LOUD and danced around the room like a crazy person. i calmed things down by eating some broccoli and taking a shower. it was a good thing. then it was off to kylas for some drinking and dancing. and after that, we all headed to kristen's dance party. it was much fun. as soon as we entered the party we took it over. when we got there there were only two dancers dancing to the turtles. it was a very polite dance party. randy quickly became the dj and off we went. everyone started to boogie i didn't stop dancing until 2:30 when we realized that kristen had retreated to her room already and randy, kyla and i were the only ones left at the party. funny side note: my friend darren told me that i danced like snoopy with my nose up in the air and looking like i was having the best time ever. he said it was a compliment. now i can't decide if it really was.

saturday morning i felt really rough. i drank way too much the previous night but i had to get my ass to school. i did. i was there for eight hours until my head felt like it was about to explode and my jaw ached from stress. yeow! but it was very productive. i had originally planned to use a dear nora song for the movie and even had katy's permission to use it, but then meesoo dropped by school with a full sketch cd and after listening to one song with the movie playing i knew i had found the perfect music. luckily, sarah from full sketch is a good friend of mine and permission was quickly granted. my movie is on its way!

today i will meet up with kyla for a bit of morning shopping at the "gourmet food warehouse" where i plan to buy one treat food and then off to school to finish the credits of my movie and work on after effects. afterwards, i will meet the oliver platt boy for dinner and head home for some much needed rest.

song for today: airport arrivals, boxstep.

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