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February 14, 2002 - 7:44 a.m.

yesterday i spent fourteen hours at school and i feel fine. yup. my cold is high-tailing it back to where ever it came from. i did so much work yesterday that today i feel i can put in an eight hour day today and be fine with that. i completed my "assembling and delivering new media" exam which took up most of my time yesterday but now i don't have to look at that anymore. hooray! most of my titles for my movie have been done in after effects and brought into premiere into my movie and i'm very close to having a final edit. i just need music and sound effects. wheeee!! i'm trying to find the perfect song (right now it's tied between "young and sexy" or "the radio" -- two kick ass local bands) for my film but who knows if i'll be able to get permission at such a late date.

today is also valentine's day. the oliver platt boy and i will be doing something fun. the royal tennenbaum's perhaps? who knows! i will make him a lovely crafty present that i hope he will like and maybe even make him a mixed tape. we'll see how busy i get today.

song for today: lucky charm, the apples in stereo.

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