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February 12, 2002 - 8:01 a.m.

i am sick. again. achoo. i have one week and one day left until the end of term and i can barely hold my head above water. my five minute film is in the early stages of editing and i'm finally clued in to what i'll be doing for my after effects project. yikes!! there will be many long days and many long nights ahead. i am truly frightened.

bad thing: i didn't use enough lighting in my movie (indoor shots). why? my building is old and i couldn't plug in any redheads (film lights) cos the breaker box couldn't take it. now, my film will suffer. ack.

another bad thing: my landlord called me at seven thirty this morning, interrupting the longest sleep i've had in weeks (nine hours) to ask me if i had a leak under my sink. i didn't. hmmmph.

good thing: last night i had a hot bubble bath, drank neo citrin and read. cozy and warm i was. ready for a good sleep i was. mmmmmm.

very good thing: oliver platt boy made me vegetable soup and picked me up from school yesterday and drove me home (in a cab). all because i was sick. he is sooooo sweet.

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