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February 05, 2002 - 10:43 p.m.

today i missed my very first class. i didn't skip it or not go cos i was hung over or anything. i missed it due to some medication that i was taking that made me ill. so ill that i couldn't move. i became a zombie for a few hours. once i recovered, i headed to school to catch up on my missed work. as it turns out i didn't really miss much. phew. i try so hard to be a perfect student. unfortunately, i'm too lazy to let that happen. yesterday, the oliver platt boy came over with some homemade french onion soup to make me feel better. he is really quite sweet.

tommorrow i start filming for my movie. i think i'll be able to film most of what i need in my apartment. there are 2 other scenes that take place elsewhere, so maybe those i can film on thursday. i'm pretty excited and terribly nervous. i wish i could afford paint for my walls. orange and lime. ooooh, that would be good. i'll just have to make due. when i picture how my film will look in my head, i get excited, but i know it will look nowhere near that good in real life. sigh. i'll tell myself the magic comes in the editing. editing will be my saving grace.

wish me luck!

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