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February 06, 2002 - 5:57 p.m.

today's bad omen: a half empty (full?) bottle of cranberry juice spilled in my knapsack coating everything (zip discs, walkman, randy's cassette tapes, notebook, lip balm, pens, etc.) with a sticky film. i only noticed when my hand swept against the bottom of my knapsack and it was soaking wet and sticky. ack!! my lovely coat will have to be dry cleaned (another expense i can barely afford) and i can only hope my zip discs will survive the 'cranberry fiasco'. randy's tape has suffered big time. i'm terribly sad over that loss. sigh.

today's good event: filming was successful. jen came over and we filmed quite a bit here and outside. the rain didn't dampen the shoot and i can only guess, added to the atmosphere. jen is one of the most beautiful girls i know. she is stunning to look at and that will make my film a hundred times better just on that basis alone. hee hee. after she left i remembered that i had forgotten to shoot some stuff that i should have done while she was here. oh well. i improvised one shot. my hand is 'standing in' for jen's. the other shot, i only hope i can get the positioning right. i still have to film one more bit with jen over the weekend at her place of work. then, editing. the funnest part of all! i can't wait. my weekend will be spent in the premiere lab and i couldn't be happier at the prospect. it's a good feeling.

song for today: she cracked, jonathan richman.

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