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February 02, 2002 - 9:49 a.m.

last night was an amazing friday night. there weren't any good bands playing around town and we didn't feel like just hanging out, so we took things to another level. we played the rock. randy called up justin (who is the drummer for p:ano and has a practice space in his garage) and asked him if he felt like playing with a rag-tag bunch of non-musicians. of course he did! so with kyla and her guitar and assortment of noise makers, randy and his guitar and a case of beer, and me with my bass guitar, we headed five blocks away to the home of justin and veda for some rock n roll. church pants (oh yes, that is our band name) has finally come into being.

it was hella fun. i haven't picked up my bass in five years (the shame!) and my fingers this morning are paying the price (yow!). i used to play in a band ages ago called the go-devils and we'd open up for the black market babies (now the defunct subpop band the black halos) at shows around town. we were so punk rock. actually that is a joke. haha. but it was fun until i wanted to play a cross between low and stereolab type stuff with ryan, and the go-devils wanted to be more rawk. i quit. i never played bass again. i was lazy and i also never felt the passion to be a musician. i was never a great bass player to begin with and though i always had fun playing, i knew it would never be my calling. until church pants. one night i joked that church pants would be a great name for a band if our friday night crew ever decided to play music and we'd always joke about it. so last night, church pants became a reality. we played messily always and excellently at times. we tried to play some belle and sebastien and some neil young songs, but mostly we just droned noisily along. justin said that we will become the next pere ubu. we agreed.

soon it was past midnight and we had to stop for the sanity of justin's neighbours. we ordered the best pizza on earth (spinach and feta and dill from 'golden boys') and chatted. justin and randy commented that my hair looked amazing (!!blush!!) and then justin said that i keep getting better looking as i get older. aw shucks. of course i am wondering what have i done to deserve all of this boy attention lately. it is very, very nice. the only answer i can come up with is that i am finally comfortable in my shoes. or maybe i'm just getting better looking every day. hahaha. we ended the evening watching rushmore and we all laughed and sang and were happy and sleepy. randy helped to carry my heavy bass home and i had a three a.m. phone call with the oliver platt boy until the batteries in my phone went dead. lovely. lovely. lovely.

this is what i am listening to very loudly right now. randy kicks ass.

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