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January 31, 2002 - 2:06 p.m.

i seem to be in a state of flux. or is it fucked? whatever. i can't seem to focus. i almost was in tears in my after effects class today. i haven't been keeping up with my readings (and i always keep up with everything). i wrote a script for my five minute film and i'm not certain if it will work and i'm nervous to ask a friend of mine to be in it. ack.

today is a day for the velvet underground. and lots of it.

song for now: ride into the sun, the velvet underground.

p.s. (warning. geek talk) i have decided to fuck javascript rollovers cos i can't get a handle on hosting images off of a different server. i have too much to think about already! so i have used a simple webmap (yuk) and i'm good to go in netscape and (i hope) pc's too. phew.

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