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January 31, 2002 - 6:32 p.m.

a short list to make me feel good about things i have done today:

okay. i feel a bit funny in posting this here, but......here are some nice things from the oliver platt boy. i also feel nice cos he writes things like this (this is from two different emails): 1) You are beautiful (I know) 2) You are truthful (I hope) 3) You are funny (I know) 4) You like the movies (I think) 5) You know when I am talking trash (I hope) 6) You have fantastic posture while you are walking--you look very confident and happy (I know) 7) Your sock monkey (I originally want to date your sock monkey. Did you know that?) 8) You make me nervous (For sure) 9) You make me calm (Thank you) 10) You make me happy (I want to make you happy as well) PSS: I especially enjoyed your red knee socks. PSSS: And your checker shirt. OK, the knee socks more.

(i should add that i feel happy regardless of the nice things he says, but man, it sure does feel nice!)

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