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January 27, 2002 - 11:36 a.m.

there is snow falling from the sky and the snow on the ground has not melted yet. this is eerie and beautiful. i love life right now. i do! yesterday afternoon i had lovely visits from meesoo (who thrifted me a lovely mint green spice rack) and from kyla and patsy. i also had a great phone call from randy that reinforced the notion that the e was a good thing and possibly made us closer friends. i danced around my entire apartment as i played volume I of the first nuggets box set ('original artifacts from the first psychedlelic era 1965-1968'). whoooo. nothing like some kick ass garage rock to get a girl moving.

at nine pm oliver platt boy came to pick me up for a date. we went to the main for dinner and to watch his friend play. it was a very nice time. we then headed to his place to listen to music and drink tea. and make out. it was a pretty crazy and exciting time. it was great to hear him tell me, in my near naked state, that i was an incredibly sexy woman and other loverly adjectives. i felt very good in his arms. sigh. i am starting to really like this boy. but slowness. slowness is very important. i don't want a boy to interfere with my school stuff and my happy and content newly independent life. i still want selfishness. well, selfishness and kisses. and sex. and love. and good hugs. sigh.

song for today: you're gonna miss me, the thirteenth floor elevators.

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