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January 24, 2002 - 1:04 p.m.

yesterday, after napping most of the afternoon, i decided that it was time to buy some gingerale. i have been sodapop-free since the beginning of the year. i became distracted and entralled by the snow and kept walking. along the drive, i ran into kyla and patsy and we decided to head to the neighbourhood pub for drinks. it was a very good decision. we drank lots and talked more about the shape and direction of our lives. i loved our conversations! it was good to meet with just the girls and have meaningful discussions on our lives, loves, fears, and dreams. it was also great getting shitfaced drunk and stumbling home yelling obnoxious (but very funny) things to one another and to no one in particular. i love my friends!

when i got home at 12:30 there were phone messages from randy and the oliver platt boy. i returned the call from oliver platt boy since he is always up late. he was in a taxi at the time and redirected the taxi to my front door. we made out like the drunken bandits we were and i kicked him out by four in the morning. oh lovely kisses and midnight talks. i like where this little adventure is going. yum.

lunch: matzoh ball turkey soup made by me.

song: everytime i try, spain.

clothing: black turtleneck sweater, black pants two inches too short, white belt, black and white striped socks, black shoes. i look very artfag.

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