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January 24, 2002 - 6:13 p.m.

okay. so i was bored. girllogic gave me the idea to create a new template for my diary. it took less than an hour and i'm not so sure i like it. i'm not very impressed with the colours. maybe that will have to change soon. man, i really should work on my after effects homework. damn you diaryland! damn you procrastination!!

i just added some javascript to the title bar and it doesn't seem to be working on my computer but it worked when i previewed it with my html editor. sometimes my cache can fuck it up on my computer. if someone could please let me know if the heart rollovers work (they should turn from blue to pink), i would really appreciate it. thanks!!

okay, i removed the offending javascript. the hearts won't turn from blue to pink. for now. one day i will figure out the problem. what the fuck is the problem? it works in bbedit, my mac-fabulous html editor and not on diaryland. what the fuck? javascript can be fucking annoying. blah.

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